Writing to Heal

Writing is a wonderful survival, coping and self-recovery tool.

The benefits multiply when you develop a trusting relationship with a writing mentor. The mentor can assist you in such challenges as healing from traumatic experiences, in managing grief, in recovering from or managing mental illness, and in adjusting to major life changes.

Writing, when shared with a trusted mentor who has expertise in narrative skills, can be helpful in placing through working with the mentor, experiences into a manageable perspective, and liberating you to live more fully in the moment.

Writing tasks help you to develop self-awareness and problem-solving skills. These in turn help you to strengthen your self-esteem, build self-compassion, and pursue a purposeful and fulfilling life.

To enrol for this private, one-to-one narrative support, it does not matter whether you are a writer, a diarist, or a complete novice. The main thing is that you want to improve your level of happiness and wellbeing, and to feel like you are the navigator of your life.

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