Writing Mentoring

You have come to the right place for help with non-fiction writing including memoirs, life stories (biography and autobiography) and social histories.

Whatever your age, now is the right time to write your story, document your journey, and record your life lessons. Even when you have nothing tangible like a diary to draw on, and memories are your major resource, mentoring assistance can help you to create a treasured keepsake for subsequent generations.

Sharing your story will help others to understand you, and themselves, and make the world a richer and more meaningful place.

So start today. Even if you have not written a word for years, you will be impressed at how easily your story comes together, and how quickly your thoughts can turn into words on a page of your very own book.

I look forward to helping you to reveal and polish the gem that is your story.


Some feedback from our Diary Healers

I have lived a very public and social life yet, until writing my book, had never shared my best kept secret – a battle with a mental illness. The outcome of my book release has been truly extraordinary.

~ Theresa

I find your ideas and presentation very stimulating. Now I want like to learn to write myself into my life! To undo the trauma and joy of my life.

~ Karyn

I feel encouraged to just write for myself and not worry about what others might think, and not to worry about what I might do with what I have written. Thanks for encouraging me to find my voice.

~ James

Talking over things with you has awakened long forgotten memories that I can write about.

~ George

For two years I worked on my book every chance I could. Many times I wanted to give up because I did know if my writing was good enough to tell a powerful story. Then June became my mentor. My advice to anyone who has ever desired to write your story … DO IT. Do not doubt it. You never know how many people you will touch through your story

~ Holly

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    Writing Your Story

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    Book a Mentoring Session

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