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ANZAED webinar: Using Diary Writing as a Power Tool to Reveal Fresh Perspectives and Achieve Shared Goals in Eating Disorder Recovery


In this webinar, June explores how diary-writing can facilitate recovery by being a voice for the patient and a data gathering tool for the therapist. June explains how potential drawbacks of private diary-writing unique to EDs can be avoided when undertaken with a trusted mentor or treatment team member with narrative expertise. Guided diary-writing has potential to offer patients critical...

Virtual ICED 2020 Meet the Experts Session


As part of Virtual ICED 2020, participants have the opportunity to “Meet the Experts” across a range of topics. June will be hosting a session on Experts by Experience. The session will start with all participants in one room. The chair of the session will remind the participants they have been allocated to two 30 minute sessions in the breakout rooms feature of ZOOM.  Participants...

FEAST of Knowledge Event


F.E.A.S.T. welcomes parents and caregivers, as well as all those interested in the support and treatment of eating disorder patients, to an unforgettable event. F.E.A.S.T. hold this one-day event every year in the same city one day following the Academy for Eating Disorders annual conference. They’ve done this in Chicago (2018) and New York City (2019) and the plans for...