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I am a 47-year-old mother and wife. I live in the north of Italy, but I was born in Sicily, in a town by the sea, and I long to go back to a place by the sea, when I retire. I am a psychiatrist and an academic. My main clinical and research work is on psycho-oncology. I love my job and I feel privileged to do it. I learn a lot from my patients. I have two daughters and they are the most important presence in my life, along with my husband, Giampiero. He and I love to travel, and our dream is to visit many far and exotic places and beautiful towns we have never seen, so we plan that one day we’ll be based in a little home by the sea and will leave often on trips all over the world. Except, if we will have grandchildren, we might change our mind and enjoy staying home and looking after them!

  • I’m a psychiatrist and my daughter has anorexia

    I’m a psychiatrist and my daughter has anorexia

    I saw anorexia nervosa (AN) coming. It did not strike me suddenly. I had developed AN as a girl, and the thing I feared most about becoming a mother was that it could return in my life, harming one of my children. So, when my daughter Arianna (Ary) started to fixate about weight, to restrict..