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Olivia Soha is a certified eating disorder coach, and founder of Uncovery. Through her own recovery from an eating disorder, she was inspired to train with The Carolyn Costin Institute™, and help to bring the innovative eating disorder coaching service to Australia. In her downtime, Olivia loves to practice yoga, and spend time away from the hustle of the city and relaxing by the beach with her partner. She feels most inspired when taking early morning beach walks with a coffee in hand. Uncovery’s eating disorder coaching services are available face-to-face in Melbourne and worldwide via secure video conferencing. To learn more, visit www.uncovery.com.au/contact/ or contact her at olivia@uncovery.com.au.

  • Putting fire in the belly of eating disorder recovery services

    Lived experience, from people who have experienced an eating disorder, and people who have been caregivers, is finding a place in the heart of treatment strategies. Eating disorder support services are under-developed. A lot of people with an eating disorder have suffered and continue to suffer under current treatment systems. Polarizing views on how eating..