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Masae is a registered nurse in Japan and the United States. She has worked in the psychiatric settings including with eating disorder patients in both countries. She founded Eating Disorder Hope Japan in 2014 to improve treatment for people with an eating disorder. She translated four ED related books. When Masae goes back to Japan every summer, she visits different hospitals, nursing colleges, family/clients support group to share her professional and personal American experience to Japanese professionals, clients and families. She has organized study tours for Japanese professionals to learn and visit various treatment facilities in Los Angeles and Hawaii. Her goal is to build the first eating disorder specialized program/unit/center in Japan by 2022. Now Masae is offering free podcasts in Japanese, online discussion board, online self-learning course in Japanese, and an individual support service for clients and family members.


  • Providing hope and healing for people with an eating disorder in Japan

    Providing hope and healing for people with an eating disorder in Japan

    Working across two different countries and cultures has taught Japanese-born Masae that eating disorders speak the same language, regardless of a person’s mother tongue or environment. Based in the USA, Masae has an ambitious vision to ease suffering in her home country. Read her story. Eating disorders don’t discriminate. They affect people of all genders,..