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Mariana Moll, 26, is a Grad Psychology student at UNC, Argentina. A mental health advocate, she is involved with a number of organisations, including Health at Every Size (HAES), Anti Diet and Body Neutrality. She is also a Recovery Warrior. Mariana writes:

I, like many of my favorite people, have struggled with anxiety and depression most of my life, and I developed an eating disorder in a desperate attempt to try to cope with that. I’ve learnt that because of the lack of common knowledge and understanding, sometimes we end up suffering even more from misconceptions that lead us to believe that we are somehow broken, or that it is our fault that we are having a hard time, that we could snap out it, if we really wanted to, that it’s all in our heads and therefore, we are not trying hard enough, or we are faking it to get attention. I chose to become a therapist and a mental health advocate because I want to deconstruct all those misconceptions. I want to listen to those who need to be heard, to hold a safe space for them as they grow and work their things out, and I want to let everyone know that it is okay to not be okay, and that it’s okay to talk about it. I believe we all have the potential to experience a rich, meaningful and fulfilling life. We just must trust the process, and be willing to do the scary things that will help us move forward and expand our comfort zone.


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    Is gaining weight the worst outcome for me during a global pandemic?

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