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Louise Adams is a clinical psychologist and the Vice President of HAES Australia. She is director of UNTRAPPED, an online program for people with eating and body weight concerns. Louise works privately, consulting for private practices in Sydney and online. She is the host of the non-diet podcast, All Fired Up!,and speaks to the media about non-diet issues. Louise runs professional training workshops throughout Australia and New Zealand on the clinical application of the non-diet approach. She has presented at numerous conferences, including the Obesity & Eating Disorders Conference and the Australian and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED) conference.

Louise has 20 years of clinical experience working with people suffering from eating disorders. She uses evidence-based techniques through a non-diet lens, incorporating cognitive behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and compassion-based mindfulness, to achieve lasting change and a sense of empowerment in her clients.

Louise has written two books. The Non-Diet Approach Guidebook for Psychologists and Counsellors(2014, co-authored with Fiona Willer, APD) and Mindful Moments(2016). Louise educates clients about the cruel trap of popular dieting approaches. She aims to correct our society’s perceptions about dieting, weight loss, and body image.

Website: https://www.untrapped.com.au/

  • Protecting Our Kids from Diet Culture

    Protecting Our Kids from Diet Culture

    From the moment we’re born, we are exposed to this constant idea that thin is good, and fat is bad. In an increasingly health conscious society, we’re pounded with messages about the health dangers of the “obesity epidemic”, and simultaneously exposed to images of the “thin ideal” in our media. This is diet culture, and..