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Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh, MS, Executive Director of FEAST, is an American writer who became an activist for improved eating disorder treatment after her teen daughter recovered from a life-threatening eating disorder. Her book, Eating With Your Anorexic (McGraw Hill), is a humorous memoir of her family’s experience. Laura is an affiliate member of the Academy for Eating Disorders and a recipient of the 2014 Meehan/Hartley Award for Public Service and/or Advocacy.
She has helped to found three eating disorder advocacy organizations: F.E.A.S.T, Charlotte’s Helix, and Maudsley Parents. She has written four books, two on eating disorders. In her leisure time she tap dances and watches very very old movies.


  • When you help the family, you help the patient

    When you help the family, you help the patient

    F.E.A.S.T. has been a leader in peer support for parents since 2007 when we were founded. In fact, our origins as an organization were in a peer support community online called “Around The Dinner Table.” Over that time, we have developed a moderator pool and a set of principles around peer support for parents and..

  • Parents can’t afford to wait: the price is incalculable

    Parents can’t afford to wait: the price is incalculable

    We can’t afford delay, apathy, pats on the head, and empty promises. We can’t afford infighting and turfs. The price of losing one more person, destroying one more family, wasting one more opportunity to relieve a human suffering from an eating disorder is too high. – Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh “I’m so scared.” Is the first thing..

  • Providing care ‘around the table’

    Today I am thanking my dear friend, June Alexander, for her passionate advocacy and generous invitation to share my current work in her diary. Late last year I started something new, something energizing, and something I hope will be helpful to our common cause of better outcomes for eating disorder sufferers: my new company, Circum..