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I love to write. Writing has been second nature to me as l have been doing it for so long.
Writing has been a major part of my healing (from a severe eating disorder and childhood trauma) and also in my ability to communicate.
I also love being creative with my hands in the form of crochet, watercolour painting and quilling. I have a beautiful cat called Amore, meaning love in Italian. She is now nine years old and we are very in tune with each other.
My three sons and five grandsons live interstate in Australia. My goal for 2022 is to travel and spend some time with them.
I have worked very hard to become well and to put myself first so that l can experience the joy in life.

  • Cold caller triggers childhood memories of domestic violence

    Cold caller triggers childhood memories of domestic violence

    Unknown number comes up on my phone. I hesitate to answer but decide it might be important. There is a woman’s voice on the other end of the line. She begins to ramble on to me. Repeat words jump out at me, words like, “Domestic violence!” “Children in need…what a difference it will make to..