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Alyssa lives in Sydney and has recently started her new job at The Butterfly Foundation. She has a passion for working with people who are hurting and in need of empathy and care. Her desire is to be someone to walk alongside these people so they can live the full life they deserve. She wants to do this in the same way others have done for her when she had to learn how to process and heal from her own life’s tragedies. She plays the flute, reads and is still working on her first novel. If you’d like to contact her, please send an email to You can also check out her blog at:

  • A reflection on the journey of choosing to believe in hope

    As a teenager, Alyssa encouraged a friend to seek help for her eating disorder. Today, as a young woman, she has entered a career to help others experiencing this illness.   Well I made it. I have achieved a goal, a job I had dreamed of for about eight years. I started this new job..

  • How I wrote my way out of ED’s darkness

    Dear ED, …We’ve never officially met and the reason we haven’t is because you lose your power when you try to take down someone who has strength that is from a higher power. You’re a bully who picks on someone you know will struggle to fight back. You search the world for someone just right..