The Early Years

At the age of 11, when I developed anorexia nervosa, I began my first diary. In the decades since, the diary has served as a survival tool, a coping tool, a healing tool and self-care tool. My memoir, A Girl Called Tim, released in 2011, brought my diaries to life and inspired my first website,

In 2017, upon the release of another book, Using Writing as a Therapy for Eating Disorders, my first website was absorbed into The Diary Healer. I am delighted that my hundreds of early blog posts from 2012 to 2017 are safely preserved, and you can access them here.

201201-01-2012Freedom is three meals a day
201203-01-2012Feeling snug in the family tree
201204-01-2012No turning back
201206-01-2012Slip, slide, but hope got me over the line
201207-01-2012FEAST conference for Australia
201209-01-2012Curve balls in recovery
201211-01-2012Moving from an Eating Disorder’s Half-life to Your Full Life
201213-01-2012Breaking free from thoughts that imprison us
201215-01-2012Aim for the full cherry of life – it’s delicious
201217-01-2012An Appetite for Recovery
201219-01-2012Hungry for an appetite
201221-01-2012Share the pain so that you may GROW
201223-01-2012Getting your kid back
201225-01-2012Playing tug of war with ED
201229-01-2012Maudsley in the media
201231-01-2012When ‘ED’ is all you can hear
201202-02-2012Looking in the Mirror
201204-02-2012When exercise is not fun
201206-02-2012When knowledge is not enough – a mother’s frustration
201210-02-2012Recovery is – freedom to be
201213-02-2012Taking the Anorexia Battle to the Defence Force
201215-02-2012Offering hope – all over the web
201217-02-2012Just eat’ – the doctor said
201219-02-2012The day I divorced ‘Ed’
201220-02-2012Never too late to make a splash
201223-02-2012ED says U said – untwisting eating disorder talk
201225-02-2012Helping our doctors learn about ED
201227-02-2012Insurance project responds to voice of experience
201228-02-2012A ‘War Cry’ helps to beat ED
201202-03-2012When running is not fun
201203-03-2012ED says U said no to TwistED
201204-03-2012A daughter’s plea for caregivers
201205-03-2012A mother’s love never gives up
201206-03-2012Self-compassion – with Josie Geller
201208-03-2012Journaling releases the voice of true self
201211-03-2012No eating disorder is an island
201214-03-2012There really is Hope at Every Age
201216-03-2012A mother with a broken heart, smiling
201218-03-2012A case of ‘a little bit of Bulimia’
201219-03-2012You Just Don’t Get It
201221-03-2012The fine line between caring and over-caring
201222-03-2012Red Riding Hood re-visited: a nightmare that must be stopped
201223-03-2012Diet industry has no place in school environment
201224-03-2012Sign the petition – save a life
201225-03-2012Once bitten, twice determined
201227-03-2012Standing up to the diet industry
201228-03-2012When thin is normal
201230-03-2012Educators, take the blinkers off
201201-04-2012Expert carer coaches – a spark in the ED darkness
201204-04-2012Open Letter to sign – for our girls
201206-04-2012AED adds voice to Jenny Craig protest
201208-04-2012‘Love your body’ is not enough – we need to understand us, too
201210-04-2012National website to fight ED
201211-04-2012Two acute beds for more than 7 million – no joke
201212-04-2012NEDA Joins Protest Against Jenny Craig
201213-04-2012Mentoring – a gem in the recovery toolbag
201217-04-2012Beware of ‘ED’ the marriage gatecrasher
201219-04-2012Turning the pages on a Continuous Appetite
201221-04-2012Weighing up online support
201223-04-2012Bin the diet, feed the soul
201223-04-2012Understanding why we cling to ED
201227-04-2012When mother has an eating disorder
201230-04-2012An illness in the brain
201203-05-2012I’ve got an eating disorder – what do you say?
201206-05-2012No diets in my house
201208-05-2012Write and everything will be all right
201214-05-2012Children show us that living in the moment is what counts
201223-05-2012At Home with Eating Disorders – a conference for Aussies
201224-05-2012Unchecked, ED has no use-by date
201225-05-2012No bed for mother critically ill with anorexia – wrong postcode
201227-05-2012Arms full of books and head full of ED
201201-06-2012Faith and love the most powerful tonics of all
201205-06-2012Jenny Craig call has nourishing outcome
201205-06-2012A plea for Andrea – a bed before she is dead
201214-06-2012A bed for Andrea but too many waiting
201218-06-2012Where there is life, there is hope
201220-06-2012To exercise or not – new study on anorexia
201226-06-2012Stop fearmongering anti-obesity campaign
201204-07-2012Message from Andrea – now it’s hospital at home
201205-07-2012Sign petition for 24-hour help line
201206-07-2012Relapse – a phone call can defuse the trigger
201208-07-2012500 call for 24-hour support line
201210-07-2012ED behaviours and weight concerns common in women over 50
201211-07-20121500 signatures – revealing the cost of silent suffering
201229-07-2012Hindsight – a book by parents for parents
201231-07-2012Why we need a 24-hour eating disorder support line
201212-09-2012When FBT fails – research call to parents
201217-09-2012Icing on my cake of life
201218-09-2012Eating disorders – what helps?
201221-09-2012Aussies At Home with Eating Disorder Care
201229-10-2012Australian conference to show eating disorders the door
201207-12-2012At Home with Eating Disorders – book now!
201221-12-2012Helping the helpers
201303-01-2013OBE for Janet Treasure
201308-01-2013Soaring – beyond ED
201314-01-2013Seeing red with Ed says U said
201322-01-2013Getting out of BED
201322-01-2013Aussies kick ED for six
201323-01-2013Sock it to ED
201327-01-2013Translating Ed’s talk
201304-02-2013Karen’s life had ‘only just begun’
201307-02-2013B an early bird for Brisbane
201312-02-2013Bye bye to bully ‘ED’
201315-02-2013Roses are red, there’s life after Ed
201318-02-2013Ed says U said – a book for U
201323-02-2013Recovery is brilliant – come to Brisbane and find out
201326-02-2013Exercising during AN recovery – good or bad? Research call for survivors to share experience
201328-02-2013Educating dentists about ‘Ed’ – share your story
201304-03-2013Midlife eating disorders – hear Professor Bulik in Brisbane
201305-03-2013Who is The Biggest Loser? We are, if we don’t take a stand
201306-03-2013No front teeth, so hard to smile
201308-03-2013A smile: the untold cost of an eating disorder
201310-03-2013Eating Disorders in Mid Life – Learning to feed me instead of Ed
201314-03-2013Red book a teacher for carers – ED specialist
201314-03-2013Chewing and spitting harmful for teeth
201320-03-2013Mum, I want you out of my life – a turning point for recovery
201323-03-2013Recovery guide for sufferers – focus of Janet Treasure’s new book
201325-03-2013Eating disorders are NOT rare – obesity v. eating disorders
201331-03-2013Eating a cup cake at Easter
201301-04-2013Coming out’ with an eating disorder – so glad I did
201302-04-2013Seeing the unseen: young males get eating disorders too
201303-04-2013Midlife Eating Disorders – yes, they do happen
201306-04-2013Rowing Oxford to London to Beat eating disorders
201309-04-2013Sufferers – an untapped resource in the field of eating disorders
201318-04-2013It’s time for the Eating Disorder conference world to welcome sufferers
201319-04-2013To beat ‘Ed’, we need to come out and shout!
201322-04-2013Aussies crack 200 for Brisbane – look out, Ed!
201324-04-2013Turn the page on ED – meet the authors in Brisbane
201329-04-2013Write about your life and make it count
201330-04-2013Why I love my body and I do really care
201303-05-2013As a mother, I see Ed clearly from both sides now
201306-05-2013Kate’s pedal power to help Beat the stigma
201308-05-2013Hope and trust – a winning duo against anorexia
201310-05-2013Meet the mum behind The Boy Who Loved Apples
201313-05-2013Chronic anorexia – new treatment focus offers hope
201315-05-2013Writing our own life canvas
201320-05-2013Parents of children with eating disorders – it’s not your fault
201320-05-2013Roll up your sleeve for science! I can hardly wait
201322-05-2013Cat purrs and hugs – ready for Aussie ‘first’ in Brisbane
201324-05-2013Rolling up our sleeves for science
201329-05-2013Families and carers the greatest motivators
201329-05-2013Binge Eating Disorder out of the closet
201303-06-2013Tools and hope inspire all in quest to oust ‘Ed’
201305-06-2013A hug reminds a researcher of why his work matters
201306-06-2013Feeling isolated and need support? Call Butterfly’s national helpline
201309-06-2013Meet Bulimia – the eating disorder bully you cannot see
201312-06-2013Conference sparks hope, fresh focus on connections and skills for eating disorder sufferers
201313-06-2013A lesson for teachers in addressing the eating disorder bully
201318-06-2013The tipping point in recovery from enduring AN – understanding that magical moment
201321-06-2013Aussies ready to roll up their sleeves for ANGI – C’mon!
201302-07-2013Memoirs on eating disorders – what did you find helpful?
201311-07-2013A stitch in time – and in the moment
201313-07-2013Now you can be At Home with Eating Disorders – free video access
201317-07-2013Carers needed for peer support research
201321-07-2013Assessing a new clinical resource for Anorexia Nervosa: Stories of recovery
201331-07-2013Opportunity to be a recovery mentor – it helps you, too
201302-08-2013You look lovely in that dress – does a trigger go off?
201305-08-2013Life-writing is candy for my soul
201310-08-2013It’s not like you have cancer or any life threatening illness – family doctor
201315-08-2013Breaking Free from the Illness that Hides
201319-08-2013Donating blood to find a cure for Anorexia Nervosa – makes my life count
201325-08-2013Body image and eating disorders – on the same track?
201305-09-2013Hear this: healing requires a team effort
201309-09-2013Getting out of BED – a guide for clinicians
201312-09-2013Up and away on seven-week book research trip to unravel the mystery of ED
201316-09-2013In a queue at Madame Tussauds, talking about eating disorders
201320-09-2013Catching the NEDA ‘Bug’ – you’ll find it in Washington DC
201324-09-2013Why Laura is giving her birthday away this year
201324-09-2013Tonight a literary dinner with my friend Pooky and others
201326-09-2013App-ily building bridges in eating disorder care and recovery
201330-09-2013Punting on the River Cam – this is living
201302-10-2013The struggle is my life’ – and this is what makes it worthwhile
201305-10-2013Lunch at Covent Garden and feeling understood – boo to you, Anorexia Nervosa
201307-10-2013Multi-family therapy – providing strength and support for families
201310-10-2013No shut down on eating disorders in Washington DC
201311-10-2013A day out with ‘ED’ – lobbying in Washington DC
201329-10-2013Eating disorders are family disorders – NIMH director speaks from the heart
201304-11-2013Defusing the bully – DVD shows how to help someone recover from an eating disorder
201314-11-2013Online study about stigma – share your experience
201305-12-2013Diary writing – a tool for healing and self-renewal
201317-12-2013The journal – an ally in eating disorder recovery
201318-12-2013This Christmas, focus on relationships – and let food take care of itself
201323-12-2013Trust in your true self and your path becomes clear
201410-01-2014Meet my friend, the diary
201413-01-2014ANGI on track for 25,000 blood samples to detect Anorexia gene
201419-01-2014Friendship is a treasure to love and cherish, forever
201428-01-2014Taking issue with ‘non-compliant’ in eating disorder care
201410-02-2014Calling diary and journal writers with experience of an eating disorder
201413-02-2014Listen: the voice of the nurse in eating disorder care
201416-02-2014A call to poets – for poems about eating disorders
201419-02-2014A Girl Called Tim – An Eating Disorder Memoir By June Alexander
201426-02-2014Let’s get REAL about eating disorders
201401-03-2014Yes, I have a dream: the sock as a universal symbol of hope in stomping out ED
201418-03-2014Rolling up our sleeves to help ANGI find a cure
201427-03-2014Oh for when treating eating disorders is as easy as a walk in the park
201429-03-2014Thank you to Laura – the eating disorder advocate extraordinaire
201430-03-2014Let’s all dance, and dance and dance
201403-04-2014Finding support in an online family and community – share your story
201409-04-2014Farewell Ginger and Dora – carers supreme
201403-05-2014Can stories of survival help others?
201407-05-2014Getting Better Bite by Bite – how you can help with 2nd edition
201413-05-2014A feast for the soul, a magic carpet for the mind – that’s life writing
201415-05-2014How a chocolate fish came to cross the ocean blue in bid for Anorexia cure
201427-05-2014The cost of hiding an eating disorder, pretending you are okay
201404-06-2014The Diary Healer – bridging the gap between science and the sufferer – sharing a PhD journey
201409-06-2014Advocacy: Helping others is a great way to help our own Self
201412-06-2014Research call for Queensland eating disorder caregivers – how the extended family can help
201419-07-2014Grandmothers can beat eating disorders too
201404-08-2014Mobile health app helping ANGI to crack genetic code of Anorexia
201414-11-2014When the patient becomes the researcher
201423-11-2014From patient to researcher – sharing the journey
201405-12-2014Get in the know with ED 101 video
201428-12-2014Reflection a tool for self-discovery and renewal
201521-01-20151000 and counting – trailblazing research in fight against ED
201527-01-2015Paper Cuts is the story about Jess – a film exposing mental health issues
201525-02-2015Seventeen stories of eating disorder survival
201526-02-2015You did not cause the eating disorder but you can help the healing
201528-02-2015Grandparents can gain freedom from eating disorders too
201502-03-2015Fear no more: get fierce at Australia’s At Home with Eating Disorders Conference
201525-03-2015Socking it to ED_take a look
201527-03-2015Eating Disorders – guidance for family members
201528-03-2015Throwing starfish across the sea – a message for you and me
201502-04-2015Dear Mother, the eating disorder took so much from us
201518-04-2015Fiction and eating disorders – exploring connections in story-telling
201519-04-2015Hello, you don’t know me’ — it helps to know you are not alone with ED
201526-04-2015Holding on to hope and taking a new path leads to Boston
201512-05-2015Taking Care of Your Self – ‘This Is Your Story’ Workshop
201527-05-2015Take note: Morning rush is all part of taking care of your self
201528-05-2015Living: carers and caring, friends and sharing
201502-06-2015Rainbow shows the way in eating disorders – aim high, aim for the sky
201502-06-2015Dear Olivia Rose, why I’m glad you love rainbows
201507-06-2015Bite Sized: a mother’s story
201511-06-2015Coming out proud to shoo away stigma
201522-07-2015Research call for eating disorder caregivers – how the extended family can help
201509-09-2015Putting mental ill health on the table in Australia – yes, your voice counts
201517-09-2015Healing goes on and on with ‘Life Without Ed’
201526-09-2015Healing: a never-ending process of self-discovery
201502-10-2015Grandma’s great hospital escapade _ have chariot will travel
201509-10-2015Grandma, can I ride on your chariot?
201518-10-2015Thanks, Doctor, for ‘not beating about the bush’
201501-11-2015Families and friends, like rings on a tree, are part of me
201530-11-2015The Diary – patriot or traitor
201510-12-2015Getting Better Bite by Bite – Give Yourself a Gift
201516-12-2015Family, friends, health and peace _ giving thanks this Christmas
201521-12-2015ANGI is giving hope this Christmas
201606-01-2016Survival kit for Getting Better Bite by Bite – a book for sufferers of bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorders
201614-01-2016Join World Eating Disorder Action Day: June 2
201614-01-2016Tribute to my bestest friend who stuck by me…when others walked away
201616-01-2016Binge eat? A self-help guide for sufferers and carers
201629-01-2016Research call for clinicians, clients and carers with experience of inpatient care eating disorder services
201630-01-2016The patient’s story holds a lesson for all
201616-02-2016No front teeth, so hard to smile — getting the drill on ED
201620-02-2016Music video puts Ana on the run
201624-02-2016What do you like or dislike about you?
201624-02-2016Holistic, person-centred approach to mental health a focus in Western Australia – conference
201625-02-2016Your chance to direct eating disorder research
201626-02-2016Teeth literally crumbled out of my mouth: how ED can cause a dental debacle
201603-03-2016Women, let’s love our imperfections and celebrate being woman
201605-03-2016Hear our Voice on World Eating Disorders Action Day, June 2
201608-03-2016Early intervention for adults with disordered eating – CEED seeks your help in developing a resource
201615-03-2016Get on board with World Eating Disorders Action Day
201617-03-2016Global eating disorder day a catalyst for hope and action
201620-03-2016Finding room for food and feelings
201602-04-2016Professional woman in her forties, starving – what can her best friend do? Act
201603-04-2016Call for co-scientists in multi family therapy group research for adults
201611-04-2016Korean people get eating disorders too
201614-04-2016Carers of eating disorder patients face dual challenge _ they need care too
201618-04-2016When Grandma Found her Voice: It’s Never Too Late to Recover from an Eating Disorder
201628-04-2016Caring starts young; let’s act like Amelia and care for our young
201603-05-2016My Life is My Message (Mohandas Gandhi) sets scene for ED conference and beyond
201611-05-2016Join the cicadas chorusing loudly to advocate about eating disorders around the world
201617-05-2016Olivia Rose, why I am glad I did not give up
201623-05-2016Help researchers understand ED recovery process – share your story in survey
201627-05-2016In sharing stories we can help others and our self
201629-05-2016Achieving global change starts at home – so sign the pledge on Ed
201601-06-2016Join Keanu Reeves in supporting World Eating Disorders Action Day_June 2
201603-06-2016Poetry and song help healing and keep advocacy wheels turning
201608-06-2016Getting Better Bite by Bite _ German translation
201609-06-2016Give blood to help crack genetic code of anorexia – researchers’ call to United States and Australia
201620-06-2016Wanted: 100 research participants to compare anorexia nervosa types
201626-07-2016Announcing: the birth of The Diary Healer
201630-07-2016Diaries, grief and healing – through the eyes of a new book
201626-08-2016An Enduring Relationship: the Patient and the Therapist Who Does Not Give Up
201617-09-2016Did my recovery experience have to be so tortuous? Could the diary help?
201616-11-2016Journaling your way to self-renewal
201618-11-2016Workshop on the diary as a therapeutic tool for eating disorders
201606-12-2016A conversation on why listening to the patient’s story counts
201613-12-2016Our blood counts – 3000 Aussies give blood to help find cure for anorexia nervosa
201731-01-2017Dear Diary, I’m moving to www.thediaryhealer.com