Healing through Writing

Life transition planning and mentoring, peer support and individual skill development through using the narrative

Write your Story with a Mentor

with Dr June Alexander

Working with a writing mentor can help you to separate yourself from the issues you’re facing and put you in the driver’s seat of your life. Through writing and sharing in a supportive and safe space, you can learn self-help skills, improve your confidence and your self-esteem.

Importantly, with a writing mentor as your guide, you can start to feel that your life really does count. Additionally, your story can help others to understand you and the challenges you have faced or are facing, and accept and respect you more.
June will work with you to:

  • develop confidence in narrative expression
  • build on communication skills
  • improve ability to self-care
  • expand independence; and
  • increase social engagement in the community

No prior writing experience is necessary. A desire to tell your story is all that matters. If you have experienced trauma or mental health challenges you will receive guidance in writing to help yourself heal, improve your life quality and be free to move on and live a fuller, happier, and more purposeful life.

When: As soon as you are ready to start
Where: online
More information: contact June.

ABN: 71850812

Dr June Alexander provides life transition planning and mentoring, through peer support and individual skill development using the narrative (for example, in story-telling, journaling, letter writing, and poetry). Services are provided to adults who are recovering from an eating disorder and are managing other mental health challenges (e.g. anxiety, depression, schizophrenia).

About June

Dr June Alexander is a mental health advocate and author of 10 books, including her memoir, all with mental health as the central theme. She is a life skills and writing mentor. Her PhD, based on lived experience, explores the use of diaries in writing a story and in healing, and her two websites promote life writing and diary-writing as a self-help and creative tool.

Websites: lifestoriesmentor.com.au and thediaryhealer.com
Phone: 0419 502 111