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When our true self is suppressed – for whatever reason – diary-writing skills can assist in reintegrating our mind and body as one. Such a process supports the transitioning of self-harming thoughts and behaviors to self-loving thoughts and behaviors, and hence peace and contentment.

Write Your Way with a Mentor

A diary can help you keep on track during healing and also when re-engaging with mainstream life. As a reflective and exploratory tool, it can assist in discovering or re-discovering parts of yourself. For instance, it offers opportunity to connect with ideas and beliefs you may have had for years but haven’t fully realized or understood, and provides a medium to record experimentation of new ways of thinking. Techniques can be learnt to help you use the diary, in whatever creative form feels right for you, to establish self-trust through and beyond recovery.

Recorded in May 2016, June was invited to contribute to the ED MATTERS series, presented by Gürze-Salucore. Listen to June in conversation about her decades-long illness and the road to getting her ‘self’ back. The episode can be accessed here: It can also be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play via or

To arrange private, fee-based mentoring in diary techniques, reflective practice and goal setting in mapping your healing pathway, click here.

June Alexander

About June Alexander

As founder of The Diary Healer my prime motivation is to connect with people who have experienced an eating disorder, trauma or other mental health challenge, and provide inspiration through the narrative, to live a full and meaningful life. My nine books about eating disorders focus on learning through story-sharing. Prior to writing books, which include my memoir, I had a long career in print journalism. In 2017, I graduated as a Doctor of Philosophy (Creative Writing), researching the usefulness of journaling and writing when recovering from an eating disorder or other traumatic experience.
Today I combine my writing expertise with life experience to help others self-heal. Clients receive mentoring in narrative techniques and guidance in memoir-writing. I also share my editing expertise with people who are writing their story and wish to prepare it to publication standard. I encourage everyone to write their story. Your story counts!
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