Getting You Back

When our true self is suppressed – for whatever reason – diary-writing skills can assist in reintegrating our mind and body as one. Such a process supports the transitioning of self-harming thoughts and behaviors to self-loving thoughts and behaviors, and hence peace and contentment.

Write Your Way with a Mentor

A diary can help you keep on track during healing and also when re-engaging with mainstream life. As a reflective and exploratory tool, it can assist in discovering or re-discovering parts of yourself. For instance, it offers opportunity to connect with ideas and beliefs you may have had for years but haven’t fully realized or understood, and provides a medium to record experimentation of new ways of thinking. Techniques can be learnt to help you use the diary, in whatever creative form feels right for you, to establish self-trust through and beyond recovery.

Recorded in May 2016, June was invited to contribute to the ED MATTERS series, presented by Gürze-Salucore. Listen to June in conversation about her decades-long illness and the road to getting her ‘self’ back. The episode can be accessed here: It can also be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play via or

To arrange private, fee-based mentoring in diary techniques, reflective practice and goal setting in mapping your healing pathway, click here.

About June Alexander

I have written nine books about eating disorders since my recovery (my “reconnection with true self”) from anorexia nervosa and other long term mental health challenges in 2006. In 2017, I graduated as a Doctor of Philosophy (Creative Writing). My contribution to the eating disorder field was recognised at the 2016 Academy for Eating Disorders International Conference in San Francisco where I was awarded the Meehan/Hartley Award for Public Service and Advocacy. I am currently a co-chair of the NEDC Steering Committee Evidence of Experience Group, a foundation steering committee member of the annual World Eating Disorders Action Day, and an Advisory Panel member for F.E.A.S.T.

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