Dr June Alexander, The Diary Healer Dr June Alexander, The Diary Healer

Everybody has a story to tell. Need some help?

Now is the time to start writing! You are in the right place to receive one-on-one guidance in writing your story, and in learning narrative skills for self-healing and personal fulfilment. I’m here to guide you!

I am a non-fiction writer with expertise in diary writing, mentoring and editing. My PhD in Creative Writing explores how the personal diary can be a self-help and therapeutic tool, and provide a valuable resource for writing a book.

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Do you want to write your story but need some guidance? Professional one-on-one memoir mentoring offers numerous benefits.

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Manuscript Editing

Quality editing provides constructive feedback on big picture elements and suggests ways to improve your writing.

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Personalised mentoring to accompany you through the story-creation and writing process, including a free initial consultation.

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Free - 'A Girl Called Tim' Podcast

Free - 'A Girl Called Tim' Podcast

In this free podcast, Dr June Alexander reads her memoir, written almost entirely from her diaries, which she began writing at the age of 12.

Writing my story and sharing it with the world has been exhilarating. I never knew the joy and satisfaction I would feel from writing my memoir.

~ Laura

I really enjoyed the chance to write something. I had no idea I would write about my football scarf until I started, and it has triggered a whole lot of things I want to say. Thanks June, your workshop was great.

~ Steve

I find your ideas and presentation very stimulating. Now I want like to learn to write myself into my life! To undo the trauma and joy of my life.

~ Karyn
June Alexander in

June Alexander in "Recovery Bites" with Karin Lewis

A podcast with eating disorder therapist Karin Lewis tells of how a love of writing and family helped me to forge a life of my own, beyond a 44-year battle with anorexia nervosa.

My prize in eating disorder recovery is the opportunity to move forward


When I began to recover from an eating disorder, I often found myself in close company with anger. I felt I was thrown into a pool with no instructions on how to swim. There were many moving pieces around me, yet I had little information. Upon reflection I realize this was mainly because, at the time, I had limited capacity...

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